Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long time no post!

So I heard about the Waterhouse Exhibit in Montreal (ending this Sunday!) via James Gurney's blogpost where he was arrested (not really) at the Canadian border.

So I went over to the website, saw how awesome the show appeared, hoodwinked Marika McCoola* into taking me up there, and away we went!

First stop in Montreal: A crepe shop! There was a mushroom and bechemel sauce crepe and a banana and chocolate crepe. They were good.

Then: The big day. Waterhouse! It was pretty amazing. These two come from Ulysses and the Sirens and one of the Lady of Shalott Paintings.

How can I not have gone to see the Waterhouse exhibit and not drawn this one? I'm still working on resolving it, because by this time I was sick of shading everything so carefully. So I did something different. Marika has a pretty fantastic version over on her blog.

One of Waterhouse's earlier works, the Saint of Eulalie. She did something, so the Romans tortured her with hot pokers and sticks on fire. As she died, a white dove emerged from her mouth, and God sent down snow to put out the fire and sooth her burnt skin. Frankly, I would have preferred not dying, but being immortalized in a Waterhouse painting is pretty cool too.

I'll come back and clean up these sketches a little more (aka, getting rid of the black eraser crap), but I am tired, and this blog needed updating badly.

*And by hoodwink, what I really mean is I said something along the lines of "Hey, Marika, I'm going to Montreal! I'm stopping at your house on the way! Wanna join me in this venture?"